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Other at 830 E 22ND ST

Illegal sign
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001707

Dirty Alley or Street at 3601 ROBERTS PL

Corner can needs to be emptied
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001706

Parking Complaint at 332 N CHARLES ST

The delivery drivers from Homeslyce pizzeria are blocking the alley again
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001705

Parking Complaint at 1119 MARYLAND AVE

Parked in cycletrack
OPENED 2 months ago #17-00001704

Trash, High Grass, or Weeds at 1013 N MONROE ST

Trash items in vacant lot needs to be cleaned
OPENED 2 months ago #17-00001703

Other at 2346 SIDNEY AVE

Vandalism....right window on the white house, there are holes in both panes of glass. I didn't see the shots happen, but have noticed the art students in 2340 sidney Ave with a pellet gun in their back yard
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001702

Water Leak (Exterior) at 4907 LOCH RAVEN BLVD

Water leaking from water valve on to street in front of 4907 loc raven.
OPENED 2 months ago #17-00001701

Abandoned Vehicle at 3801 FAIT AVE

Gray Honda with DC plates FG 8398 still has not moved since it has been ticketed by the parking authority. It was been in front of 801 S Eaton for over 3 weeks now. Is it stolen? The ticket is still on the windshield.
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001700

Other at 402 N EDGEWOOD ST

Vacant dwelling needs to be boarded up in the front and rear
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001699

Street Light Out at 209 E MOUNT ROYAL AVE

Street light has been out for VERY long time. Dangerously dark on this block. Someone was robbed at knife point on this block four evenings ago.
NEW 2 months ago #17-00001698

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